Education. To successfully complete word games such
as cross words, jigsaw puzzles, letter games and many others, you will require
adequate skills in language and spelling. You will be required to conduct research
in areas you are not familiar with, acquire
new problem solving skills, concentrate, adapt to reasoning in limited
conditions and make logical conclusions.


Improves social skills. Solving word puzzles
come with a lot of pressure as most of the games are timed. The subject by time
learns rational ways to deal with pressure under different conditions. Studies have
confirmed that the type of patience expressed by the players can be reflected
in real life situations on how they relate with their fellows.

Word puzzles boost productivity. The puzzles are
often used in books to make learning for students easier. It is a fun way of learning
and it makes memorizing words and methodology very easy. Research has shown that as students solve
puzzles, their subconscious learn the methodology of solving the problems.

Words puzzle mobile games help in brain
improvement. By adjusting the difficulty levels, you can monitor and evaluate
your concentration span in the game. Once you feel comfortable, you can always
increase the difficulty levels to test your limits.

Enhance reasoning. The word puzzles condition
the gamers to observe, visualize and understand the problems in hand. Games such
as Sudoku, word cookies and scrabble etc help the gamers improve on their
spelling skills, pronunciation and sentence construction.


Your IQ level is likely to raise as a result
playing mobile word puzzles. Only a few mobile word puzzles have been able to
achieve this, an example is word cookies. This is one of the best games you
will download for free online. The game starts out as easy in level one, giving
you 3 letter simple word formations. In the later levels, the words
progressively become complicated and difficult to figure out. The brain
therefore needs to exhaust its reasoning, memorizing and creative abilities to
solve this questions. This game and others with the same concept will effectively
level up your IQ hence brain improvement.

Reduce boredom. Just like many other interactive
games in IOS and android, mobile word puzzle games are designed to keep you
entertained and alert hence eliminating boredom.


Exercise the brain. As we are growing older, our
health becomes susceptible to age related diseases such as dementia. We can
always engage in these puzzles so as to keep our brains active and less
vulnerable to such ailments as explained by neurologist Gayatri Devi.

Portable in nature. Traditional word games such
as Sudoku are comparatively bulky as compared to mobile games. The mobile games
are simply installed and run on devices while the traditional board games must
be set up on a flat surface eg a table.

Improve relationships. Most of the mobile games
are played by people across all ages. This feature helps mend relationships
between different age groups, for example parents and their children.

In a nutshell, these games keep you entertained
as well as help develop your brain.