Mobile games have evolved into more than mere sources of distraction at work and during long commutes. The rate at which traditional PC game developers are creating mobile adaptations suggests that more and more people are playing their favorite games on the go. While most of these mobile games are still diamonds in the rough, these three mobile games take the cake when it comes to player engagement, game runtime, and value for money.

Gameloft’s Asphalt racing series features some of the best racing games for mobile devices. Their newest release, Asphalt 8: Airborne, confirms their dominance in a category that is rife with competition from all corners.

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a superior racing game in all respects. From the fluid tilt controls and intuitive steering to the impeccable in-game physics and immersive gameplay, the game delivers nothing short of pure entertainment.

Asphalt 8 features new additions to the series such as the ability to perform air stunts and get rewarded for them. The game has however retained its classic control model where you control the auto-accelerating cars by tilting the screen. The spaces on the left and the right side of the car serve as buttons for the brakes and the nitro boost respectively. This type of layout is ideal since it gives you a lot less to worry about when you’re speeding down the excellently-rendered streets.

On the downside, making any significant progress in the game is majorly hindered by several roadblocks, most of which you can only buy your way through. Asphalt’s aggressive in-game business design will require you to spend a significant amount of real money on in-app purchases without which you’ll be hard-pressed to win.

Nevertheless, if you’re in it for fun and not glory, Asphalt 8 is an excellent offline and online racing game for boys that is capable of providing hours of pleasant distraction.


  • Game: BEHOLDER
  • Category: OFFLINE RPG
  • Price: US$5
  • In-app purchases: NO

Beholder is not your typical role-playing game (RPG). For one, the game does not require any internet connection whatsoever since it is purely an offline RPG. Also, the game’s gripping storyline pits you as a landlord who is forced to work for an unrelentingly paranoid government as a spy. In this game, your character is the farthest thing from a hero.

Based on the successful PC adaptation, Beholder is played through the eyes of Carl the landlord as a single game mode. There are two difficulty levels in case you’re up for a bigger challenge.

The game follows Carl as he begrudgingly follows the government’s instructions to spy on his tenants in what is an excellently written storyline set in a dystopian society. The controls are straightforward, and the in-game text and voice conversations bring the characters to life. Tutorials on how to move your character, chat with other characters, install spy cameras, and report to the government are readily available within the game. Although there are no in-app purchases to make, you can earn coins and better your reputation by completing missions.

Beholder is one of the few mobile games out there that gives you the ability to create a character that teeters on the edge of evil but is capable of doing good by helping his tenants instead of the government. Through every mission, you’ll have objectives that you have to accomplish to earn coins and improve your reputation. Failing to meet a goal does not necessarily mean that you can’t progress.

Overall, Beholder is a game that you will not want to stop playing once you start.

  • Game: SHADOW FIGHT 2
  • Price: FREE
  • In-app purchases: YES

Shadow Fight 2 is a wildly successful Martial arts fighting game and not just because it’s free. Before migrating to mobile, the game was exclusively on Facebook where it’s popularity finally pushed developers to create a downloadable version for iOS and Android devices.

At first glance, Shadow Fight 2 looks like a modest attempt to recreate the fighting experience offered by the likes of Mortal Kombat and Tekken. However, once you start playing, you will realize that the game is no amateur rip-off of either.

The characters are silhouettes creatively modeled in 3D. Combined with fighting animations based on real combat maneuvers from martial artists, you are bound to be impressed. Characters move fluidly, are intuitive enough to predict and dodge attacks, and are capable of delivering stunning blows that leave their opponents dazed and dizzy.

The controls include a joystick on the left side of the screen and two action buttons on the right (you get more action buttons when you reach certain levels of the game). These are easy to use and placed well enough to keep your thumbs away from your field of vision.

Other than the mind-blowing animation and great in-game physics, Shadow Fight 2 incorporates realistic sounds for a much more immersive experience. The in-app purchases are helpful but not entirely necessary unless you want to progress in the game rapidly. There are also tons of opponents to face, each one stronger than the last, and a full range of weapons you can buy and earn as you evolve into the ultimate shadow fighter.

Shadow Fight 2 is a game that every mobile gamer should have on their devices.

  • Game: WORD Cookies
  • Category: WORD, PUZZLE
  • Price: FREE
  • In-app purchases: YES


Other puzzle game you can play and enjoy in the free time is word cookies.  Great game and very easy to play with. The best of all is you stuck on any level here there are word cookie answers on this website.

With any of these three games on your device, you will never have to endure any long stretches of boredom again.